romeo's gin V

romeo’s gin opens the doors to a new dimension of tasting with romeo’s gin V, a unique and surreal lime, honeydew melon and green grape gin. A co-creation with Canadian digital artist FVCKRENDER that once again pushes the boundaries of what a spirit can be. For the first time, romeo’s gin takes art beyond the bottle and invites you into an unprecedented augmented reality experience that will awaken all your senses. A total immersion in the world of the artist, in the world of romeo’s gin V. A sensory journey, vibrant and exciting. One more step towards the integration of art in the world of gin, with more depth than ever. Art where you don’t expect it.









the artist


Frederic Duquette, otherwise known as FVCKRENDER, is a self taught tech-digital artist currently based in Vancouver, BC. Originally from Montreal, he began creating one piece of work a day, a 3D rendering, and this commitment lasted for 5 years. This venture helped him develop his skills all the while serving as a form of self therapy, eventually leading to cementing himself as one of the most well known artists in the international NFT space and a very successful artist in Canada. FVCKRENDER’s style is unique, futuristic, with a defining affinity for sharp architectural geometry, beaming future landscapes and brilliant crystalline arrangements.His renders pay a dark homage to what may eventually reflect our very existence.He has worked with clients such as Lil Nas X, Lebron James, Puma, Spotify, Instagram, Supreme, Dior, Hypebeast and many more. His work was also featured in esteemed auction houses Christie’s and Sotheby’s.


Perfect serve




  • Fill an Old Fashioned glass with ice.
  • Add romeo’s gin V and the Fever-Tree cucumber tonic water.
  • With a bar spoon, gently stir the cocktail.
  • Garnish with a basil leaf.


Lime, honeydew melon and green grape distillates, added to romeo's gin and its aromas of juniper, cucumber, lavender, dill, lemon and almond, make romeo's gin V a surprisingly fresh gin. A taste loaded with citrus, with fruity and racy notes, transcending the vegetal signature character of romeo's gin.

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